Transformations Experienced by Our Clients

"Before I encountered Guided Steps, my life felt like a series of unending challenges. For 25 years post-college, job instability haunted me – layoffs and firings were a recurring theme. Financially, I was in turmoil, grappling with bankruptcy and sinking under a mountain of debt. Fortunately, my marriage stood as the lone beacon of hope amidst this chaos.

Then, I met Jeremy and embarked on the Guided Steps journey. Skepticism initially clouded my outlook; I couldn't fathom how this process would bring about any change. Yet, Jeremy and his team's unwavering support and encouragement gradually dispelled my doubts. Looking back, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Today, I stand in a place I never imagined possible. For the first time ever, I own a home. I've secured stable employment for nearly two years and counting, a record for me. But perhaps most significantly, I have triumphed over my financial burdens, clearing $185,000 in student loans and credit card debt.

Now, I'm tackling my final challenge – my health. I'm confident that with Guided Steps, I'll achieve my weight goals just as I have conquered my other obstacles. I can say with certainty that without Guided Steps, I'd still be lost, unable to find my way out of the labyrinth of my life. This journey has been transformative, and I'm grateful for every step."  -- Brian Thomas

"Guided Steps came into my life when I was at a true low point, a time when joy seemed like a distant memory. For years, I tirelessly pursued every avenue to reclaim that joy – from reading countless books to attending more motivational programs and seminars than I can count. Yet, it was only through Guided Steps that I began to understand the intricate connection between my missing joy and a lack of purpose. More importantly, I realized how the absence of a prayer life had led me into continuous cycles of despair.

Guided Steps was more than a program; it was a revelation. It provided a clear, manageable path for me, connecting the dots in ways I couldn't have imagined. The weekly check-ins quickly became the highlight of my week, a beacon of hope and progress. And then, almost without noticing, joy started seeping back into my life, filling every corner with light and positivity.

But the journey didn’t just restore my joy. It led me to something even more extraordinary – love. Through this process, I found the love of my life. Next month, we're getting married, marking a new chapter in a journey that started with Guided Steps. This program didn’t just change my life; it transformed it in ways I never dared to dream." -- Andy Smith

"I've always been known as a skeptic, someone who likes to take control and lead in every situation. The idea of letting someone else guide me seemed out of the question. By the time I reached 50, I was labeled successful by many, but this success had its price. My social circle was small, my marriage had ended in divorce, my bond with God was barely there, and my relationship with my son was strained. It was a challenging time, leading me to explore various counseling options, but none seemed to work. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I discovered Guided Steps.

The approach of focusing on the future first was a novel concept for me, quite unconventional. With nothing left to lose, I committed myself fully to the Guided Steps system. Relinquishing control was a difficult process, but it became clear that my need for control was the barrier keeping me from meaningful relationships, including my relationship with Christ. Guided Steps supported me in learning to submit and let go.

Now, nearly a year later, the transformation is nothing short of remarkable. My relationships, including my connection with Christ, have flourished in ways I never imagined possible. I'm profoundly grateful for the journey with Guided Steps and the incredible impact it has had on my life." -- Marry Owens

"When I first encountered Guided Steps, I was in a place of deep financial despair. My name is Jake Cole, and my story was one burdened with overwhelming debt and seemingly insurmountable financial challenges. The weight of my financial troubles was a constant presence, casting a shadow over every aspect of my life.

I had heard of others finding their path through Guided Steps, from restoring joy and relationships to gaining control over their lives. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. How could a program that had helped others in such diverse ways aid me in my specific financial struggles? But with little to lose and everything to gain, I decided to give it a try.

Guided Steps took a holistic approach to my issues. It wasn't just about managing my finances; it was about understanding the underlying causes of my financial troubles. The process encouraged me to look at my life as a whole, to understand how my financial health was intricately linked to my spiritual, emotional, and personal well-being.

Through the Guided Steps system, I learned to approach my finances with a new mindset. The program taught me the importance of setting clear goals, not just for my bank account, but for my personal and spiritual growth. The weekly check-ins were a source of accountability and motivation, helping me stay on track and witness my own progress.

The most transformative aspect, however, was the integration of spiritual guidance into the process. It helped me to see my financial journey not just as a path to monetary stability, but as a journey towards a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life.
Now, months into the program, I can confidently say that my financial situation has improved significantly. But more importantly, my approach to life and money has changed. I feel more in control, more at peace, and more aligned with my values and goals. I am deeply grateful to Guided Steps for showing me a path I never thought I would find." -- Jake Cole

"When I first turned to Guided Steps, my marriage was on the brink of collapse. Three years ago, I couldn’t see a way through the turmoil and disconnect that had crept into my relationship with my wife. We were like two strangers living under the same roof, and I feared the worst was inevitable.

It was then that I came across Guided Steps. Initially, I was unsure how a program could mend what felt irreparably broken. However, what I found in Guided Steps was not just a set of instructions, but a transformative journey that brought God’s presence into the center of our marriage.

One of the key elements that Guided Steps introduced to us was the power of prayer. We began to include prayer in our daily routine, not just as a ritual, but as a way to communicate, reflect, and connect both with each other and with God. A specific verse became the cornerstone of this new phase in our marriage: 'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.' - Ephesians 4:2. This verse started to resonate deeply with us, reminding us of the virtues needed to sustain and nurture our relationship.
Three years down the line, it's astounding to see the transformation. Our marriage, once teetering on the edge, is now stronger than ever. We've learned to communicate better, to understand each other’s needs, and to keep God at the center of our union. Prayer has become our refuge, our place of reconnection, and the foundation upon which we have rebuilt our relationship.

I am immensely grateful to Guided Steps for showing us this path. It helped us realize that with faith, humility, and love, guided by prayer, even the most strained relationships can find healing and strength." -- Steve Danielson

"When I came across Guided Steps, my family life was in turmoil, and I was struggling to find any semblance of balance. My story is one of a hectic, stressful life that was tearing my family apart. Both my husband, Jim, and I worked full-time jobs because of our tight financial situation, but this came at a significant cost. Our three children were rebelling, feeling neglected and unheard, and Jim and I were constantly embroiled in fights, exhausted and frustrated by our daily struggles.

Guided Steps appeared as a beacon of hope during these trying times. Initially, I was skeptical about how a program could untangle the complex web of our family life. However, Guided Steps offered much more than I expected. It provided us with practical tools and strategies to manage our time and responsibilities, but most importantly, it emphasized the value of nurturing our family relationships and spiritual well-being.

One of the key aspects that Guided Steps helped us with was establishing a work-life balance. Through its structured approach, we learned to prioritize our time and focus on what truly mattered. We began to integrate quality family time into our schedules, ensuring that despite our busy work lives, our children felt valued and loved.

The program also guided us in managing our finances more effectively, alleviating some of the pressures that compelled us to work excessively. This financial reorganization allowed us more freedom to be present with our children, reducing the need for constant work.
Furthermore, Guided Steps reinforced the importance of a strong marital partnership in fostering a healthy family environment. Jim and I learned to communicate more effectively, addressing our issues with understanding and patience. We began working as a team, supporting each other in balancing work and family life.

Now, looking back over the past year, the transformation in our family is profound. Our children are happier and more secure, knowing they have our attention and support. The fights have diminished significantly, replaced by moments of shared family joy and understanding. Guided Steps has been instrumental in this journey, helping us find a harmonious balance that once seemed unattainable." -- Anne Gateway

"When I first approached Guided Steps, from the outside, my life looked like a picture of success. To many, my life seemed perfect, but internally, I wrestled with a persistent sense of unfulfillment. Despite my achievements and the ability to buy whatever I wanted, a profound joy was missing from my life.

That's where Guided Steps came in. I was initially unsure how it could fill the void I felt, given that I had no apparent external struggles. However, Guided Steps helped me realize that my lack of joy stemmed from a misalignment in my core needs, particularly in the areas of generosity and stewardship.

Through the program, I discovered that my true fulfillment lay in giving to others rather than in material acquisitions for myself and my family. This revelation was life-changing. I found that my greatest joy came not from what I could buy, but from what I could give.
Embracing this new perspective, I became actively involved in various community projects and outreach programs. My newfound passion for generosity led me to participate in numerous mission trips, each journey enriching my life in ways I never experienced through personal spending.

This shift towards a life centered around giving and serving others didn't just bring me the joy I had been missing; it transformed my entire outlook on life. Now, when I reflect on what makes my life truly rich, it's not my financial success or possessions – it's the smiles I bring to others' faces, the lives I touch through my outreach efforts, and the fulfillment that comes from living a life in service to others.
Guided Steps didn't just help me find joy; it helped me redefine what joy means in my life. I am deeply grateful for this journey and the profound impact it has had on me." -- Derek Anderson